Who are we?

Founded in 2013 and a leader in software development, web applications and websites, we create technology solutions for different business sectors with a flexible and user-friendly interface. To do this, we also offer our customers unique and elegant web designs and provide them with high-quality hosting services, enabling them to excel in the Internet space.
The innovation of the solution is to provide simple and efficient technical systems to our customers, which allowed us to expand our activities and improve the quality of our products within a short period of time. The solutions are currently developing towards the production of web based systems and applications that rely mainly on the Internet.

How does Ibdaa Solutions accomplish it's mission?

  • Definition of Needs – Start by knowing the quality of users to determine the systems or programs appropriate to them and able to help them in the management of daily business We aim to develop programs to add to the institution and provide them with employment, time and cost..

  •  Studying and analyzing market requirements – To be aware of the productivity of the ICT giants, we raise quality and production standards so that we can compete with the best in our field..

  •  We let specialists work together with technology system developers to reach our products to the craft and efficiency we aim at.

  •  Our customer feedback is one of the most important things that we are unique to. After completing the trial version of any of our products, we inspect the views of the users so that we can make any changes that can be added, and even after the final product release we provide periodic updates to our customers. To all their suggestions.

Our mission and vision

# Providing systems and technical solutions at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness, and providing the highest value to its users at the most appropriate cost, leading to the development of enterprises with the least investments.
# To become a leading company by the end of this decade in the software development sector in Iraq and the Middle East.
# We believe that the success of our clients in managing their business through their use of our systems is the key indicator of our success. Our clients are permanent partners because our success depends on them.