Ibdaa School Management System

Ibdaa System provides an electronic management of schools to assist in the management of transactions and documents in an electronic way and thus abandon the traditional paper systems which is complex

The system facilitates the administration and helps the teaching staff to plan and prepare for the lectures in order to provide the student with an interesting and effective help the student to learn effectively.

The system helps to reduce the time and effort on the staff of the school and facilitate their daily work, and provide a safe and efficient environment to save all the information of the school.

Easy access to school data from anywhere
The system works under a high level of protection
The system works in many ways (without the Internet, or within a virtual private network (VPN), or through the Internet)
The system supports a variety of languages, most importantly Arabic and English
The system creates backups to maintain school information from accident damage

most important parts of the system

Home Page

An interactive platform for displaying the most important school information and quick links varies from user to user.


Curriculum management system to upload the school textbooks to the system and references and questions and examinations of questions and questions sorted by stages with the possibility of uploading educational videos for students

Financial System

A system specialized in the management of school financial accounts, expenses, invoices and student payments.

Examination System

A special system for the management of the online or regular examinations and setting their dates with the determination of the estimates , the exam grades , the presentation , appointment of the results of the students and grades.

Notifications and alerts

The Notifications and Alerts system sends alerts to all users of the system in case  of any new event related to them.

Attendance System

The system for recording daily absences for students depending on either the lecture or daily absences with the registration of absence of teachers

Reports and statistics

The system of statistics and reports to create and print reports on the attendance of students, teachers, school accounts, holidays, grades of students and others.

Messages and Conversations

Send SMS messages to users of the system in case of an important event in the school with the possibility of establishing conversations between users of the system of students, parents and teachers, and the possibility of sending emails also

Results and grades

Management system for grades, and to create reports and send them to students and their parents with the issuance of results and signs of excellence.

Weekly Schedule

Other assistive systems

School news and activities management system

Transportation Management

Photo library for the school

Library System

Our responsibility

system update

Updating the system according to the requirements of the school and periodically

Software as a service(SAAS)

Provide the system as a service

training & support

Conducting training courses for teachers, students and staff.

Hosting and server management

Provide a safe and efficient environment to host the system

System adminstration

Manage the system and provide users with powers to continuously feed and system information