Ibdaa system provides an integrated system responsible for the management of the educational process and full control of the university through the “Internet” or through the local network and access to more detailed information about the university and help in decision-making

We recognize that universities face a diverse set of studies and therefore a diverse set of requirements, so our system is customizable to suit the requirements of the university.

The system includes registration in courses, duties, follow-up student learning, supervision of the tools of synchronous and non-synchronous learning  , tests , the extraction of certificates and the organization and management of the university in all it’s pillars.

Most important features of the system

Human Resource Management

A system to manage the affairs of students at all stages of their studies, from admission to the college and registration to graduation from them, with the administration of personnel affairs, including professors, since they entered the university until the interruption of their connection with them.

Curriculum Management System

A system to create the syllabus with text, audio or video lectures, with a plan for the course and the possibility of presenting assignments to students, scheduling them, and raising questions, solutions, etc.

Examination System

The system provides options for electronic examinations of the university and management by determining the type of exam and it’s material and the development of questions with the determination of the date and duration of the exam and electronic or manual correction and other settings of the administration of examinations.

Reports and graphs

To create and print reports and graphs of the attendance of students, professors, staff and financial matters of the university , grades of students and others

Accounts and financial resources

A system under the unified accounting system that includes all revenues and expenses and is not limited to salaries and student fees only, which contributes to facilitating the planning and management of the organization’s budgets.

Conversations and messages

The system enables faculty members to establish and conduct scientific seminars for each subject with students.


This system allows the registration of information about the books available in the library and sorting them with the follow-up of the borrowing and retrieval of books electronically with the identity of the electronic desk for each individual in addition to the systems of automatic alarm and fines electronic delay.

Stores and inventory system

Management of Stores, introduction of materials, definition, classification and details, extraction of reports and other specifications that facilitate the management of stores and dealing with the materials in them, and the system operates on a database with large storage capacity and safe.


The system is specialized in the management and registration of student absences and be either absent on the basis of the lecture or absence of the day with the Department of absenteeism professors and the establishment of monthly and annual reports on all absences.

With other help systems

Results and score management system

E-mail system and SMS messages

Weekly Schedule Management System

Management of university news and activities

University Photo Library

Transport system and internal sections

Our responsibility

System Update

Updating the system according to the requirements of the university and periodically

Software as a service(SAAS)

Provide the system as a service.

training & support

Conducting training courses for professors, students and staff.

Hosting and server management

Provide a safe and efficient environment to host the system.

System adminstration

Manage the system and provide users with powers to continuously feed and system information