Ibdaa System for the management of clinics and medical centers

Ibdaa System to assist any doctor in organizing his clinic or medical center and completing his tasks efficiently and quickly with the registration and preservation of all patient data.

Providing a database that carries unlimited number of patients’ data with the possibility of working the system in several ways (without the Internet, or within a virtual private network (VPN), or through the Internet).

High level of safety to maintain the data of the clinic or medical center with specific licenses and permissions for each user to maintain the information of the patient and not to sabotage it.

System Features

patient information

Create a new file for each patient containing his personal information, medical history and dates of visits to the doctor.

Patient Information Management

The possibility of printing, deleting, modifying the patient file, updating the diagnosis, X - ray images, and other treatments.

Patient appointments

View the dates of patients registered in the date of the day with the possibility of searching for a patient file previously registered in the system.

Financial Accounts

Issuing invoices and transfers to laboratories with addition of contracts and determining the percentage of clinic and discount, with management of revenues and expenses.

Messages and Conversations

Communicate with the patient through SMS messages to confirm the appointment, with the internal messaging system among the users of the system.

Reports and statistics

A daily or monthly report of expenses and revenues and complete management, with other comprehensive reports for the management of the clinic or medical center.

Organize appointments

Booking and confirmation of appointments, with the possibility of calling a patient from the waiting room.

Archiving information

Electronic archiving of all patient documents and reports.

Human Resources

Registration of employees' data and full management of attendance, departure, salaries and others.

Laboratories of analysis and X-ray of the Medical Center

Send a list of patients referred to the laboratory with their medical files.

The X-ray and the required tests are required from the laboratory, and the laboratory is accompanied by the results of the analyzes and x-rays in the patient's medical record.

Possibility to withdraw X-rays and print the analyzes and send them to the doctor manually.

All the X-rays and analyzes available in the laboratory are available within the system as well

The pharmacy of medical center or clinic

Send a list of the patients referred to the pharmacy by the clinic or the medical center with the special medical orders for each patient.

The introduction and registration of available medicines and full information about them with the sending of alerts when the entry or entry into force of a specific class of medicines.

Management and registration of all the products of the pharmacy with the lists of the types of medicines sold of these products and prices.

External Sales Management.

Manage patient sales by prescription.

Complete management of pharmacy store.

Linking barcode devices with the price of all medicines available.

Reports and statistics about everything related to the pharmacy.

Send notifications in the event of expiration of certain class of medicines.