A system for the management of personnel and human resources for medium and small companies, which helps in managing effectively and providing general and accurate statistics on human resources

The system helps manage all human resources procedures, wages and salaries of employees since their appointment until their relationship with the company is interrupted.

It is designed to provide the best solutions to reduce the costs of the establishment and capital management and increase productivity, ensuring that the work in the company more accurate and efficient and fast in the implementation of tasks.

System Features

Management of Human Ressources

Complete management of all employees' information, absence, salaries, rewards, etc.

Business Interviews

Organize and schedule meetings, business interviews and assistive companies.

Management of company departments

Organizing and managing all company departments and organizing and meeting all their needs.

Messages & Conversations

A system to communicate with all sections of the company via e-mail or their accounts on the company's system with the internal messaging system between the company's employees.

Project Management

Special interfaces for recording and managing company plans for their development and increased productivity.

Media Library

A library of pictures and videos of the company and its achievements and all its meetings and interviews.


Manage vacancies in the company and organize job interviews and identify the company's needs of employees and required expertise.


Reports, statistics and drawings of his statements about all the company's personnel, corporate projects, financial matters and others.


Mail system to send invoices and important documents among the staff and the possibility of printing these documents.

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