Ibdaa Warehouse Management System

Ibdaa system manages the stores, identifies the items, checks it’s inventory operations and it’s detailed reports, accurate efficiency and protection from the expected risks.

Customize the system and add other services to make it fit with the requirements of the stores.

High level of accuracy, security and privacy in the preservation of information, order and ability to retrieve.

System Features

Automatic adjustment of the cost of the goods and the value of the inventory in the methods of calculating the approved inventory costs.

Easy to set up inventory with multiple options.

The distribution of items in storage groups to achieve efficient management of stocks of various types.

Reports and lists of suppliers, their goods and prices

The flexibility of stock configuration by type, cost, classification, etc.

Reports on (financial accounts, goods and prices of marketing, goods sold, age of goods and availability in the branches of other stores and others).

Full management of the financial assets of the stores of expenses, revenues, debts, payment of applications, wages of workers and others.

To achieve a variety of control over the stores through the system of surveillance cameras as desired by the administration.

Control and review of inventory operations prior to their impact on financial accounts.

Create and print orders to feed outlets with the required items.

Reports and balances on the inventory of goods on specified dates with the provision of data that may be required by the departments within reports.

Provide a picture of the balances of all items in the stores on request. Determine the minimum and upper limits and the amount of economic demand

The possibility of printing barcode lables from the data of the varieties directly.

Knowledge of stagnant varieties and inventory turnover during any period and in any store.

Control show and hide costs in all screens and system reports.